Mr. Parineeth Rau - Chartered Accountant

Integrity and Commitment – hallmarks of Nidhiland!!

My quest for an apartment in the Mannagudda area led me to Nidhiland Vrindavan Apartments. The apartment itself was close to completion and it was easy for my wife and myself to see how this was going to be a great home for our little son and ourselves. Sure, the amenities were all there along with excellent security, but apart from all of that, we were very pleased with all the thoughtfully designed spaces and walkways for senior citizens as well as children. Considering that most apartments in Mangalore tend to be mere high rises in small parcels of land, it was heartening see an apartment that definitely had given a lot of consideration to many factors which would enhance the living experience of the residents.

The buying experience for me was very pleasant and reassuring. Unlike with many builders, buyers get a one to one interaction with Mr Prashanth Sanil and this for me meant that any decisions and commitments made are from the person mattering the most. For us personally this has meant that all customizations in our flat were carried out without any hitch with full co-operation from Mr Sanil. Multiple visits and discussions were handled in a warm and affable manner with no real pressure on sales which helped us to make the decision at our own pace.

Through the entire process from selection to purchase, my wife and myself have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism with which Nidhiland Builders operate. From our experience, Nidhiland functions with a strong sense of integrity towards its customers and backs it with the necessary commitment. As a customer, there is hardly anything more than one can expect from someone who is in charge of making your home.

A big thanks to Mr Prashanth Sanil and the team at Nidhiland. Wish you many more successes on your way to helping people find their dream homes.

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